Emory Chinacare Upcoming Events

 Emory Chinacare Dumpling Playground!

ECC is holding an interactive class on November 15th 3:30PM-5PM on Emory University’s Atlanta Campus in the Candler Building.
The Dumpling Teach-in is an unique class that we designed for families who are interested in learning how to make the classic Chinese dish while integrating family fun. During the class, we will teach kids to make dumplings by themselves, and enjoy the end product! It’s a great opportunity to meet other families with adopted children in Atlanta to meet each other and for kids to learn more about Chinese culture as well.
Additionally, if you’re planning to come please fill out this form!!!


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions:


Emory Chinacare Annual Date Auction!

We will be holding our annual Date Auction at 5:30p, Nov. 13th, Anthropology Building 303!

Are you still single? Do you want to find your Mr/Ms Right in Emory? Do you feel you do not have enough time to get to know other people on campus? Have you participated in an auction before? Are you stressed out after working so hard on your academics? Do you want to take a break, and just enjoy the date auction with bubble tea and snacks? Come and join us!

Admission fee:$5/person

All proceeds will go to Half the Sky Foundation to help improve the lives of orphaned children in China.

Wants to get more about our past Date Auction, click here!


Emory Chinacare Donation Need!

Emory China Care is calling for your attention:

Our partner, Half the Sky, took in a little girl and nursed her back to health after she was found deserted on the street. The little girl, once thought to be autistic, was given care that nurtured her back to healthy development and provided her a loving family.

Half the Sky works with thousands of children like this one, giving them proper care that allows them to thrive and give them a chance to be adopted into loving families.

Other miracles can happen if you offer help to this organization! Your gift matters!

For more information about donation, please click on me!


We promise that all money from this event will be donated directly to our partner Half the Sky to promote International Chinese adoption. Please click on me to learn more about Half the Sky!

Volunteer with Emory China Care!

Applications for our 2015 China Care Club Summer Volunteer Program are now open!

The volunteer program is an opportunity for China Care Club members to volunteer at the China Care Home in Beijing and see the impact of their work as China Care Club members.

June 14-23, 2015 (10 days)

Any student member (board or general), aged 15 years or older, of any active high school or university China Care Club who has demonstrated a commitment to their club and Half the Sky’s mission.

Club members will volunteer at the NEW! China Care Home in YiZhuang, Beijing. Volunteers will assist CCH staff in caring for the children by playing with them, holding them, feeding them and any other primary care tasks as needed. The trip also includes opportunities for sightseeing in and around Beijing.

Visit http://halfthesky.org/en/node/5969 for more information and a link to the application. Applications are due by March 6th and accepted applicants will be notified by April 3rd.



Hosted Event

ECC The Voice

On March 20th, Emory China Care held The Voice in Anthropology Building. We had over 15 performers showed their music talent on the stage and more than 100 audience came for the event. Thank you all for coming! Our event photos are available now! Click me to have a look all the wonderful pictures taken by Xinhe Shan!


ECC Date Auction

On February 13th, Emory China Care held the Date Auction in Anthropology Building, more than 100 students joined us and supported our fundraising for adopted Chinese children in Atlanta community. Thank you very much for coming! Our events’ photo are available now! Click me to know more about our event!


ECC Adoption Panel

Our panel discussion video is available on Youtube! Wants to know more about our “Two Countries, One Household: Story Behind Adoption” panel? Click on me to watch the video!


ECC Game Night

Game Night Red

The 9th ECC Benefit Banquet was a huge success!

We want to thank all performers, guests and exec members for coming and supporting us. Now we are in the process of calculating and recording proceeds from the Banquet and Bubble Tea Sales. We’ll annouce the final amount of benefits shortly.